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European E-Commerce Websites
European Website: 5 Unique Benefits To Succeed In Germany, Italy, France and Spain.
Catalyst Entrepreneur Ltd - 2 Merrimans Hill Road - Worcester - Worcestershire- WR3 8AA -
Company Registration Number 06235634 -  VAT Number 935 2588 01 -
Q. " What do you exactly do?"
Catalyst Entrepreneur standard offer creates and manages website featuring web contents, e-commerce facilities, sales leads management and online customer services in German, Italian, French and Spanish.

Q. " What’s in it for me?"
Our Virtual Language Assistants provide you with E -commerce website including Free domain name in German, Italian, French and Spanish
Your European website generates sales 24/7 in auto pilot. All you have to do is concentrate on incoming orders.

Q. " I do not speak any foreign language, how can I get European customers who probably don’t speak English?"
A. Our services do not need you to speak any foreign language. Your Virtual Language Assistant does all the job for you:
- Professional website translation and copywriting,
- Online marketing,
- Online sales
- Online customer service.
All these services are managed in German, Italian, French or Spanish on your behalf. You get regular feedback in English from us and you are in control as we always submit our work to you in plain English for your approval. Contact us

Q - I have got some concerns about my existing website. What can you do for me?
A: We actually start from the study of your existing English website and we help you to improve its performance in a first place. We do as we need to start from your actual website in order to study your European market using your web contents . Contact us
Q."How does my Virtual Language Assistant answer my European Customers queries?"
This is an important aspect of your online success. Like in the UK, European customers want to hear not only from you but also from other existing customers or potential customers. Your Virtual Language Assistant can answer your European customers’ queries in 3 effective ways:

1 - Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ answered within your European website. Your Virtual Language Assistant sets up your own FAQ with the appropriate tools to enhance your European customer service.

2 - Queries via contact form.  Your Virtual Language Assistant answers your customers’ email queries day in day out and generate more sales using:

• Email auto-responders,
• Email campaigns,
• Personalized emails

3 - European Blogs. Your Virtual Language Assistant can open social and interactive conversations between you and your customers.

Depending on what you want to achieve, your Virtual Language Assistant  tailors your European marketing strategy to your needs. Contact us
Benefit #5: Get Repeat Business With Online Customer Service
Q. " Delivery Conditions and Prices in Europe"
Check out how you can easily and safely deliver in Europe door to door from the UK to your European customer’s house.
Prices for a parcel delivered from England and Wales to the following European countries . See Parcel details

Q. " My product is digital. How can you help?"
A. You will need to have your product and related documents translated in German, Italian, French or Spanish in the first place (CD, DVD, software, etc.) Your Virtual Language Assistant can translate your documents/materials and find the best solution for your particular case
Benefit #4: Deliver In Europe Within 2-7 Working Days
Benefit #1: No Language Skills Needed!
Q."What if my European E-commerce website does not generate business?"
A. This crucial question is related to your offer, your target segmentation, marketing promotion and time. Your Virtual Language Assistant is here to promote your online business in order to drive traffic to your European website. Our 12 month commitment will help you to follow your European business online.  More information

Q."My business is very specific. How can you help?"
A. If you are in B2B or if you sell a complex product or service you may need a thorough market study prior to any action. Once we get your requirements, we study your market, online competition and your customers needs. Then we advise you on your best possible options. No need to be technical or specific if you have not done any market study. Any specific query

Q."How do I get European customers online?"
A. We use search engines and efficient Internet marketing for your business to grow within your European online market. We optimise your impact in the country you target using updated Internet marketing techniques to comply both with European search engines and customers’ demands. Why do we use Internet marketing to promote you business in Europe? Because Internet marketing is:

Cost effective: Pay Per Click advertising is one the quickest way to start promoting your website. European Online advertising can be less expensive than in the UK because the competition on some keywords  is different than in the UK.

Measurable: When to start your Internet marketing campaign, feedback, who to target, what message, etc. Your Virtual Language Assistant will help you through the whole process to your Euro success.

No engagement and flexible: You may stop, suspend or reactivate any Internet marketing campaign at your convenience with no penalty whatsoever.

Return On Investment: How to capitalize on the right keywords? Increase sales with email marketing. Use your European  customers’ feedback to sell more products or services online.

Adaptable: Optimising web pages, improve online visibility, changing or adding new web pages.

Once you get your European website, your Virtual Language Assistant promotes your website immediately ready to receive enquiries and online payments as well. Contact us
Benefit #3: Get European Customers With Internet Marketing
Q." How much does my Virtual Language Assistant cost?"
A. £397 including VAT for your Virtual Assistant in German, Italian, French or Spanish. Your European website and domain name remain your property and you can host your site with your actual web hosting provider. Prices are for 1 web page and do not include Internet Marketing and Online Customers Service.

Q." Why do you offer only ONE European E-commerce web page only?"
A. With ONE page (Home Page) your Virtual Assistant works on your best keywords in order to create traffic to your European website and generate sales leads.
The purpose is to make sure that potential European customers are interested in your product or service and want to know more about what you have to offer.
Also starting with your Home Page is the appropriate and cost effective way to test the different European markets. From the results, we can adapt your marketing strategy accordingly. Contact us

Q."What business category you do cover?"
A. We accept all UK business categories except sex, hate, violence, racism and discrimination sites. Some business activities may require specific EU regulations. Once we receive your query we check the legal requirements for your business in Europe. Contact us

Q."How long does it take to get my European website from my Virtual Language Assistant?"
Your European E-commerce website is delivered within 15 working days after your last approval. Contact us  
Benefit #2: German, French, Italian or Spanish Virtual Assistant from £397 ONLY including VAT.
Catalyst Entrepreneur Ltd is an European Internet marketing company based in the UK. With many years of experience in the translation services market, Catalyst Entrepreneur Ltd is an evolving business, offering tailored language services to customers throughout the UK.

Set-up in 2007, the business is based in Worcester. With state of the art facilities and fully qualified workforce, the business provides a tailored report on Europe to UK businesses. The service is intended to be cost effective, helping clients to sell online in Europe.
The company is managed by Serge Carene who has worked within the Business Services business for many years. Serge Carene is well trained to oversee the company, having previously worked for international companies both in the UK and in Europe.

Catalyst Entrepreneur supplies European online business services  that are tailored to requirements and offer increased efficiency. The products feature key factors to access the European Market, making them ideal for international online business purposes, and they are available from the website at a reasonable price. Contact us

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